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Electronica, Hip Hop, Trance, House, Techno, Ambient, Experimental, etc...

The conception of Wreckless Beats began in the early 1990's and was finally solidified in 1996 by (me) Derek Gedney. Wreckless Beats remained underground producing instrumentals for close to 4 years (honing my production skills). In 2001, I became cyber-linked to the information-super highway we call The Internet. At this point, I created my own publishing company called Control Ring Publishing (in order to keep all the rights to my music).

That led to the creation of my 2 main websites, & I worked for 5 years promoting Wreckless Beats, attending music industry functions, leasing songs to minor & major companies, collaborating with numerous artists from around the world, etc. These activities ended up leading me to learn about many other fields outside the music industry.

I first, was thrown into graphic design (in order to promote Wreckless Beats). Then, I needed some knowledge of HTML language in order to maintain my websites. This led me towards video production (which was first directed towards promoting Wreckless Beats). That's when my focus began to change.

I started to search out online videos (in the early days of google video) in order to see what others had out there so I could gain a point of reference of production quality, format, etc. After a year of creating Wreckless Beats videos... I was sent a link to a film on google video called Zeitgeist: The Movie. Within the next few months, and after many many hours of research into a myriad of topics that were completely unrelated to the music industry, I had an awakening of the heart, soul & mind and created an independent video production company called FeedTheFireFilms in 2007 (FTF Films).

The idea behind FeedTheFireFilms is to create Free Educational Art that appeals to a very large, diverse demographic (aka, something for everyone). Already having my own extensive library of music (covering 10+ genres) and the graphic and web design skills... made it easier for me to decide to shift gears and serve others instead of myself. I am a creator... that is what I am & who I am. It is what I have always done... it is what I will always do.

I've since studied Sacred Geometry as well & have created SacredLife Mandalas to showcase my personal artwork. I've studied most branches of the sciences & religions... as well as philosophy, language & cymatics. There is no subject that I won't study... I am a universal conscious human being connected to the source of all that is... and I am aware of my power of creation & influence. I invite the world to seek out my creations wherever they may be.


In 2014, I created SacredLife Music in order to produce music using natural healing frequencies tuned to 432hz. I had a custom steel tankdrum created tuned to these natural harmonic vibrations that I now use to create Meditation, Healing and Yoga music.

Namaste~Derek G.

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