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Sacred Geometry is the gateway to a new awareness of the world, the universe and the source of life itself. SacredLife Jewelry pendants are little slivers of the structure of the all that is. They are symbols of the underlying frequencies that mold all things, that's what gives them power... that's what makes them Sacred.
This piece is titled the "TRI-VECTOR SQUEEZE" because it's designed with a Vector Equilibrium flattened down ".618%" and wrapped within an artistic triangle.
Our jewelry is designed with the utmost care and precision in order to ensure and deliver the highest quality geometry and resonance. Thank you for your interest in SacredLife Jewelry. ​All proceeds from this product go to help support the works of SacredLife Arts.

Why do you design the jewelry you create?

Well, the first reason I create anything is to help bring more harmony into the world. Designing sacred geometric jewelry is one way to spread that positive vibe.

What makes geometry "sacred?"

Geometry is truly what makes the jewelry "scared." Each piece represents an underlying universal frequency, and these frequencies resonate the quantum fabric of all things... in harmonic balance with infinity.

Do you incorporate any other aspects into your creations?


Very much so, all the time... more than most would see or understand as well. I reference Alchemy, the Tarot, Quantum Physics and Astrotheology in my work... just to name a few. All of these areas focus on "unification" or "purification" of consciousness, self, matter and the Cosmos... and my designs attempt to capture, combine and radiate these disciplines and many others.

TRUTH BE TOLD: Too few people have the necessary esoteric symbolist knowledge to truly interpret and appreciate my sacred geometric jewelry. I've lost facebook friends due to dogmatic interpretations of the 5 Pointed Star (pentagram). I've been accused of being a Freemason for simply doubling the square (octagram). I've even been labeled a "New Age Luciferian" for creating designs that use a standard 7 pointed Heptagram. This is how I know that too many people do not understand what they see when it comes to Sacred Geometry and Symbolist Energies. I practice #QuantumSorcery ... and no, Sorcery is not "Dark" or "Evil" or "Malevolent"... it has nothing to do with talking to Spirits or summoning Entities either... it's merely the holistic way to channel pure, infinite, universal energies into my sacred geometric creations. Just as the "Dark Secret Societies" have done for centuries to keep the masses blind to the truth, I use fundamental symbolism in the opposite fashion to bring about balance and awareness to the world. But apparently... people are more interested in silly TV shows and Sports games that do nothing but create disharmony, preach lie after lie and damage the consciousness of humanity as a whole.

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