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This page contains my personal random thoughts about the world,

society, spirituality, life and many other things.

"People can fear loneliness more than they fear death, and that's when suicide can become an option. The common factor here is Fear. Fear is a hypothetical mental projection of possible pasts and futures, and that mental state can bypass logic and reason in favor of imagination... which can create the environment for some very catastrophic and damaging results. Everyone feels lonely at some point in their life, and everyone (whether they admit it or not) has thought about the results of taking their own life... and when you have so-called "trusted doctors" telling "normal people" that they are "mentally ill" and "need" to take "toxic chemicals"... there's something very, very wrong with society. So it is our "society" that is truly sick, not the "normal" people with "normal" feelings and "normal" brain function. Fear plus Competition times Chaos divided by Disease equals Disaster."


"The only purpose for a gun to exist is to TAKE LIFE. Guns will never actually 'save' a life... that's the opposite function of the purpose of a gun. But I doubt all those who live in fear will understand that at all... simply because they are all blinded by fear... that is my only point. I don't have THE answer that everyone EXPECTS... because there is no ONE answer. If gun lovers are going to live in fear... nothing will ever appear to change. It's very simple, change your minds. Do you truly feel people WANT to be criminals & gangters? No one WANTS to behave those ways. They are FORCED to by our society. Focus on the real issue, the education of society. Knowledge is power, not firearms! Firearms save the WEAK minded from being weeded out naturally & have killed GENIUS' in the past! They are useless to a truly civil and humane society. So work on educating people instead of clinging to fear based speculation about "criminals" & "gangsters"... we are all one people! Every single experience I've had with the police hasn't been about saving anything... it's been about PROSECUTION whether innocent or not!! They simply create victims themselves only to feed money to the corrupt judges who work for the private bankers. Gun lovers must be complete fools if they haven't figured out these connections."


Martin Luther King, Jr. - Murdered by a GUN
John Lennon - Murdered by a GUN
John F Kennedy - Murdered by a GUN
Robert F Kennedy - Murdered by a GUN
Gandhi - Murdered by a GUN
Malcolm X - Murdered by a GUN

Guns..?? Save..?? Lives..??

"The very idea of 'protection' itself is rooted in FEAR, whether you're talking about guns or condoms... FEAR is molding the behavior." - Derek Gedney


"When we stop wasting our time, energy and resources on creating murder weapons... only then can we call ourselves civilized." - Derek Gedney


"Religions are authoritarian institutions who impose their unrealistic, dogmatic beliefs on the entire world. Religious people suffer from primitive mental illness. Religions teach children to believe that scientifically known falsehoods are actually true and real. Religions teach children that proven scientific facts are actually false. Religious people are not adults because they still believe in fairy tales. Religions teach children to believe fantasies are reality. Religions use fear to indoctrinate children into believing in imaginary demons, original sin, the devil and a burning eternity of hell. Religions teach children that miracles are possible because their faith is somehow "chosen" or "special." Religions use guilt and threats of death to force children into believing in god. Religious history is full of real murder, real death, real wars and real destruction... all caused by unreal false beliefs. Religious people are taught to fear life and death. Religions teach social and sexual supremacism. Religious people are selfish, ignorant separatists. Religions teach children that their Faith is Truth... yet, faith is the opposite of truth. Religions teach fate and destiny, which allows them to disregard their own behavior. Religions teach the practice of pursuing unrealistic ideals. Religious people consider themselves to be orthodox, and everyone else to be a heretic. Religions disempower unity, free-thought, free will and critical thought. Religions are insane, harmful and mentally abusive."

☆ "While I agree with the well known misuse of and negative issues attached to judgment... I feel it's the term itself that is the real distraction. We should not be Judging anything at all, we should "Consider" things. Consideration is open and free... while Judgment projects boundaries such as, individual ideas of hierarchy, separation, arrogance and competition. If everything is a reflection of the all that is, and the all that is, is perfectly full of harmony within its own bound infinity... then we too are perfect as well. It's terms like "Judgment" that distract us from "Considering" our inherent perfection."

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