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SacredLife Music | 432Hz Healing Drums and Mantras

In 2014, I created SacredLife Music in order to produce music using natural healing frequencies tuned to 432hz. I had a custom steel tankdrum created tuned to these natural harmonic vibrations that I now use to create Meditation, Healing and Yoga music.

The tones on the drum are tuned to the 4 upper chakras, the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown. The symbolic energy within the tankdrum comes from the time period of its creation. It was created during ISON's 2013 trip around our Sun, during the first 13th Moon Cycle since Dec. 21, 2012 and within the 13th Zodiac Sign of Ophiuchus, who holds the head and tail of the Ouroboros in the stars. It's also a physical representation of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres of The Great Year, also known as the Hindu Yuga Cycle. These energies coupled with the upper chakra tones produce a hyper-relaxed state of peace and meditation, balances the spiritual immune system and heightens awareness on many levels.

Sacredlife Music - Chants (Healing Mantra Music) USB Price: $11.99 USD

We now offer USB Flash Drive products along with our CD/DVD products for our customers that don't have CD/DVD drives. All new Macs, PC's and most new laptops don't come with a CD/DVD drive. USB is the only way to get a physical products in the hands of those customers. We use only top quality Tier1 SanDisk, Micron, Samsung, or Intel chips and only the highest quality most reliable chipsets.

You will receive a 4GB Custom Printed USB Flashdrive that includes the entire album in mp3 format Plus a 1 Hour Bonus Meditation Video of our 432hz Pythagorean Meditation in mp4 format.

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