Sibu Sumatra


Sibu Sumatra is a classic personified. The straight grain and lack of knots or cross grain give this floor a clean appearance that allows it to blend into its surroundings. Whether the floor needs to make an understated statement with its very classy dark brown tones or speak volumes with its majestic look, it’s comfortable in any setting.




Product Name: Sibu Sumatra
Model #: 3-5/8”: EC312SSU
Model #: 4-3/4”: EC51SSU
Residential Warranty: 50 years
Commercial Warranty: 5 years
Structural Warranty: Lifetime
Finish: Aluminum Oxide - 1,000 Taber Rating - 9 layers of Coating - Eco-Friendly
Surface: Smooth
Tone: Amber-Brown
Design / Texture: Medium
Grain: Medium
Gloss: Medium


Photo-sensitivity Slight
Edge Type: Eased End/ Eased Edge
Lacey Act: Yes


Width: 3 5/8" & 4 3/4"
Dimension: 3/4" x R.L
S/F Per Box 3 5/8": 25
S/F Per Pallet 3 5/8": 900
S/F Per Box 4 3/4": 22
S/F Per Pallet 4 3/4": 792


Installation Area: On or above grade
Installation Type: Tongue and Groove
Installation Method: Nail or Staple


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