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Want to know what we've done to address environmental concerns?

In today’s world, the environment is of the utmost concern. There are many things we do to help create products and procedures that are sustainable and make your life easier. For example, we alleviate the concerns associated with adhering to strict environmental policies by making certain every one of our floors is CARB (California Air Resource Board) compliant. In addition, since the implementation of the Lacey Act, we have effectively complied and are able to deliver many of the protected species initially feared to be unattainable. We are members of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

All the lumber we use to produce flooring comes from either managed forests in compliance with local forestation laws or from plantations on which the trees are planted and grown specifically for the purpose of harvesting lumber for the production of flooring and/or furniture. Also there is no wastage in our production because we use undersized material, rejected material and even sawdust to fire our kilns.

Our pursuit for an eco sustainable future begins with a commitment to balanced environmental, social and economic growth. We work as a team to promote sustainability inside and outside of our facilities. Cross Island Flooring follows a strict code of conduct as we strive to be a transparent and responsible company that our customers can trust. We are dedicated to practicing responsibility as we work for a sustainable future. We strive to reduce energy consumption and develop eco-friendly products and processes. At Cross Island Flooring, when it comes to all things green, we believe that when it’s important to you, it is imperative to us. In fact, our Eco Sustainability Logo is your assurance.

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