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Is there more to Cross Island Flooring than just great floors?

Absolutely. Our expertise extends far beyond just our products. We’ve also put together an expert management team, both stateside as well as abroad, to guarantee each customer receives the best personal service possible. We’ve assembled some of the finest people in the flooring business so you benefit from our more than 100 years of combined knowledge, insight and instinct. We provide total solutions to our customers by strategically and constantly strengthening the design, technology and innovation of every process and product Cross Island Flooring delivers. We are readily accessible from offices located in Anaheim, New York and Shanghai.

Expertise, however, is not limited to the management team. Expertise can be found in everything we do and every product we produce. Cross Island Flooring products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with the highest quality raw materials, finishes and strict quality control procedures. Every one of our personnel in each division receives extensive training in product knowledge, systems and customer service. We further extend our expertise to our customers by offering product training and in-store merchandising systems.  In addition, we offer a great deal of marketing support to help our customers realize their sales objectives. That is our commitment to you – flooring solutions delivered direct to you from the manufacturer.

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