Acacia Sonoma Coast


Acacia Sonoma Coast is a colorful exotic that blends its light browns and tans with beautiful warmth, distinctive grains and a rustic appearance. It is combined with its inherent attractiveness, which gives it a visual appearance that draws people to its striking qualities. Its lustrous surface appearance also makes it an easy-to-live-with floor, and a timeless choice to decorate around for the life of the home.




Product Name: Acacia Sonoma Coast
Model #: 3-5/8”: EC312ASC
Model #: 4-3/4”: EC51ASC
Residential Warranty: 50 years
Commercial Warranty: 5 years
Structural Warranty: Lifetime
Finish: Aluminum Oxide - 1,000 Taber Rating - 9 layers of Coating - Eco-Friendly
Surface: Smooth
Tone: Amber-Brown
Design / Texture: Medium
Grain: Medium
Gloss: Medium


Photo-sensitivity Slight
Edge Type: Eased End/ Eased Edge
Lacey Act: Yes


Width: 3 5/8" & 4 3/4"
Dimension: 3/4" x R.L
S/F Per Box 3 5/8": 25
S/F Per Pallet 3 5/8": 900
S/F Per Box 4 3/4": 22
S/F Per Pallet 4 3/4": 792


Installation Area: On or above grade
Installation Type: Tongue and Groove
Installation Method: Nail or Staple


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